Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Accessories 

They are a small ticket item. This is especially important in a challenging economy when money is tight for your customers. It’s a lot easier to rationalize spending $10-15 for a fun accessory vs upwards of $30 for a stamp set.

They offer a quick way to dress up a project and change it’s look. Adding a rhinestone brad or a little bit of ribbon can take a card from ordinary to extraordinary.

They’re consumable. Stamp sets last a lifetime and eventually your customer will reach a point where she’ll think she has enough (I know…heaven forbid!) but as you use up an accessory, you need to buy more…and keep buying more…and keep buying more. Getting your customers hooked on accessories is key to cultivating a customer that buys long term.
So how do you get your customers hooked on accessories?

By USING them yourself. We’ve already established that your customers are more likely to buy something when they see how it’s used. That’s why you’ll notice that I use lots of accessories in each of my own stamped samples which I showcase on my blog, at my events and in my studio. I also freely talk with my blog readers and customers about how much I love accessories.

By letting your customers use them. We also know that customers are even more likely to buy something if they’ve had a chance to touch, feel and use it themselves. Now that may sound expensive to you, but done properly, it’s really not. Whereas I might use 3 or more accessories on my own cards to showcase those accessories, I only incorporate 1 or at most 2 accessories on the projects I design for my classes, clubs and workshops.

So the next time you have a little extra money to spend or you’ve earned some hostess benefits, flip to the accessories section of the catalogue and shop there!

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