Incorporating Accessories into Your Events

Incorporating Accessories into Your Events

I think there’s a bit of a misperception surrounding accessories. Most of us love them, but I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard demonstrators say that it’s too expensive and too hard to incorporate accessories into class, club and workshop projects.

I think one of the things that demonstrators (incuding myself) often struggle with is the way SU packages many of their products – including accessories – into assorted packs. That’s great from a customer’s perspective (or from a personal papercrafting standpoint) where you’re most likely to WANT a variety to choose from. It’s a lot a harder from a demonstrator’s perspective when you’re trying to come up with projects for your events using these items. Here’s a couple of ways I deal with accessories in my business.

For workshop cards, because the event is free to customers and I try to keep costs to myself down, I pretty much always use lower cost accessories like the  assorted sequins and ribbon. There’s lots in a package and it’s relatively inexpensive – for example, 1 sequins is $0.01- $0.02  and ribbon is about $0.02 per inch (and you only typically use 8″ – 10″ on a card).

The key to using higher priced accessories that come in assorted packs is to design an entire class around that accessory and then incorporate the cost of the accessory into the class price. For example – I recently did a class that revolved around the Share What You Love Embellishment Kit – each Kit is $19.25 and there are at least 8 of each element. In the class we made 4 different projects, each project used a different element (or a few elements) from the kit. I got 8 projects SETS out of 1 kit. That’s a cost of $2.40 per person. My total supply cost for the 4 projects (including the Share What you Love Kit, DP, CS, & ribbon) was about $7. So when you look at it that way, it’s really not that expensive.

Now you may be thinking that the upfront cost of buying some of these accessories is too high. That’s where using extra hostess benefits you might earn from hosting your own event comes in. Or, you could participating in accessory swaps with other demonstrators.

I’ve shared my ideas, now I’d love for you to share your ideas on any creative ways you’ve found to incorporate accessories into your business.


Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Accessories 

They are a small ticket item. This is especially important in a challenging economy when money is tight for your customers. It’s a lot easier to rationalize spending $10-15 for a fun accessory vs upwards of $30 for a stamp set.

They offer a quick way to dress up a project and change it’s look. Adding a rhinestone brad or a little bit of ribbon can take a card from ordinary to extraordinary.

They’re consumable. Stamp sets last a lifetime and eventually your customer will reach a point where she’ll think she has enough (I know…heaven forbid!) but as you use up an accessory, you need to buy more…and keep buying more…and keep buying more. Getting your customers hooked on accessories is key to cultivating a customer that buys long term.
So how do you get your customers hooked on accessories?

By USING them yourself. We’ve already established that your customers are more likely to buy something when they see how it’s used. That’s why you’ll notice that I use lots of accessories in each of my own stamped samples which I showcase on my blog, at my events and in my studio. I also freely talk with my blog readers and customers about how much I love accessories.

By letting your customers use them. We also know that customers are even more likely to buy something if they’ve had a chance to touch, feel and use it themselves. Now that may sound expensive to you, but done properly, it’s really not. Whereas I might use 3 or more accessories on my own cards to showcase those accessories, I only incorporate 1 or at most 2 accessories on the projects I design for my classes, clubs and workshops.

So the next time you have a little extra money to spend or you’ve earned some hostess benefits, flip to the accessories section of the catalogue and shop there!

5 ways to use your retiring project samples to promote your Stampin’ Up! business

Do you still have piles of cards that feature retired Stampin’ Up! product that you’ve either created or received in swaps, just sitting around? How many more samples will be added to that collection when Stampin’ Up! releases their last chance list on June 1st? Chances are, a lot. So what’s a demonstrator to do? First thing,is to sort through all your samples and divide them into two piles – full cards and card fronts. Now take your card fronts, trim them down so that they are 4″ x 5 1/4″ and mount them onto card fronts in order to create full cards.

Now here are 5 ways to use them:

  1. Gift one to EVERY customer that places an order, every time they place an order. Print up little cards (about the size of a business card) that say”Thank you so much for your order – here’s a little gift just for you”. Put the note card INSIDE the card, put the card in a blank envelope and put it in their bag with the product they ordered. Your customer now has a card that they can use.
  2. Use them as an incentive to order. Bundle your cards in groups of 5-10 WITH envelopes. Tie a piece of ribbon around them, or maybe package them in a clear box with a belly band. Assign a value of about $4-5 per card. Now promote it: “Receive a free gift of 5 handstamped cards with your order of $50 or more (value: $25)”. If promoting on the web post a picture, if promoting at classes or workshops, show them the gift.
  3. Use them as door prizes. Nicely package up 1-2 cards (with envelopes) and give them away as a door prize at all your workshops and open houses.
  4. Use them as hostess gifts. Nicely package up 5 cards with envelopes and give them to workshop hostesses.
  5. Use them in your promotional packets. Take Stampin’ Up!’s clear cello bag – put a catalogue samples, your business card, a flyer of upcoming classes and 2 of the cards (with envelopes). As you meet new contacts and share your business with them, give them a packet.


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It is for creating new friendships, the sharing of stamping, information, stamping techniques, tutorials, business ideas, training and other stamping related information and/or fun.  It is also a resource for us to stay in touch with the demonstrators in our wonderful group!

I am very excited that you have decided to be part of the Stampin’ Up! family and my team, whether you decided to join as a hobby or pursue business opportunities.


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